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Founded in 1901

Delta Tau Delta was established on the principles of truth, courage, faith and power. It all started with eight men and a strong belief in friendship and trust.

125 years of Gamma Beta





Thinking of joining?

Delta Tau Delta is a fraternity for those who are inclined to make the most of their college experience.


Excellence is our comfort zone


We prides ourselves on academic excellence, consistently achieving high GPAs and fostering a supportive environment for academic achievement.


Gamma Beta regularly volunteers with organizations like JDRF to support important causes and give back to those in need.


Members of our fraternity, have access to a wealth of life and career opportunities that will help you succeed both in college and beyond.


Delta Tau Delta provides ample opportunities for leadership development, allowing members to hone their skills through positions such as executive board members, committee chairs, and event organizers.

Scholarships and grants
Shelter improvements
We need your help!

Building the futureof the Gamma Beta experience

Donating to our Delta Tau Delta chapter is a direct investment in the future success of our members. Your contribution will support our scholarship program, providing financial assistance to deserving students as they pursue their academic and career goals.

Additionally, your donation will also help fund our ongoing house improvement projects, ensuring that our members have a safe and comfortable living space that promotes community and personal growth. Every dollar counts, and your support will help us continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our members.

Thanks to our generous donors