Recent events: Alumni Homecoming and Panel on Enterpreneurship

Alumni Homecoming

What a day to remember! 🌟 During the recent homecoming weekend, we welcomed back the legends of ’76-’79 and many other years for an alumni homecoming that was truly unforgettable. From tales of their college days to exploring the corners of our beloved house again, every moment was a testimony to the timeless bond of our community. Thank you to all the delts who returned to share their wisdom, laughter, and memories with us. Here’s to the stories that were, and the stories still to be written. Cheers to traditions that never fade! 🍷💟

Panel on Enterpreneurship

A huge thank you to our Alumni that took the time out of their busy schedule to come down and provide us with an amazing entrepreneurship panel which delve into their journey as young entrepreneurs and the startup space. Panel Members:

  • Nik Rokop, Delta Tau Delta Gamma Beta Chapter, Faculty Advisor
  • Arun Prakash, Pledge Class of ‘99
  • Alex Mathai, Pledge Class of ‘98
  • Josh Silets, Pledge Class of ‘23