Member Wellness

What do the most connected generation and the loneliest generation have in common? They are in fact, the same generation.

A recent nationwide study of more than 20,000 respondents by Cigna found that current college students report a higher level of loneliness than other adults. The Educational Advisory Board (EAB) reported, “Gen Z respondents—those between the ages of 18 and 22—scored highest for loneliness” on the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

One way to combat loneliness is through an intentionally developed sense of belonging. Members of Delta Tau Delta benefit from a sense of belonging built on brotherhood; including shared experiences, developmental programs, and resources designed to enhance personal wellness and wellbeing.

According to the EAB (2021), Students’ sense of belonging on campus is one of the top factors in their retention and persistence. But belonging is hard to define and even harder to measure. Through a review of academic literature and conversations with university leaders, EAB has broken down student belonging into five specific, defined components:

Delta Tau Delta is serving up belonging on college campuses across America. In addition to fostering brotherhood, the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and Educational Foundation has partnered to bring a host of resources to every Delt that are consistent with best practices in the wellness and wellbeing space that are known to increase positive outcomes

”If there is something the pandemic taught us, it is that we as humans need to take care of ourselves and those around us as it relates to physical, emotional, and mental health. Delta Tau Delta’s newer focus on wellness and wellbeing truly incorporates all aspects of health and wellness, and exemplifies the excellence of our brotherhood. This initiative includes important programs such as offering TalkSpace to members, which provides on-demand counseling and therapy. Delt has also partnered with the JED Foundation which promotes emotional health, provides resources, and prevents suicide. My favorite wellness and wellbeing initiative that Delt has created is Building Up Brothers, which is a toolkit for chapters to learn strategies on how to improve their wellness; whether they are struggling or not. I know the wellness and wellbeing initiatives funded by the Foundation and created by the Fraternity is making a huge difference in Delta Tau Delta members – so that they can live Lives of Excellence and continue Forging the Future.”

Justin M. Vatti (Moravian University, 2020)