Veteran’s Day ’23

We salute our extraordinary Brothers who exemplify our core values of Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power through their service in the US Armed Forces.
Thank you for your service!

This list is surely incomplete – if you can help us identify a Brother we missed, please share: [email protected]

Air ForceArmyMarine CorpsNavy
Scott Kelly ’07Aaron Brown ’17Brian Chisolm ’01Joel McMillan ’98
Alex Reich ’04Dave Leamy ’06Tim Baughman ’92Scott Dickinson ’93
Mitchell Pohlman ’03Jeff Pringle ’03Dean Allison ’89Geoff Gorman ’93
Giovani Bondi ’02Alex Rasmussen ’00Richard Friedl ’60Marc Scotchlas ’93
Cameron Cavalier ’01Dwight Hull ’64Terry Lindquist ’60Brett Wagner ’93
Jared Harris ’01Paul Petkevicius ’91
Jonathan Bortle ’00Norm Pomrening ’89
Chris Kelnhofer ’99Daniel Brewer ’88
Jason Kirk ’98Larry Lintz ’88
Steve Hreczkosij ’98Don Watson ’79
Dan Meier ’98Ted Urda ’78
Denis Casaubon ’98Frank Difalco ’77
Ross Morrell ’97Rick Frainier ’76
Ned Tamburini ’85Mike Cerino ’75
Mike Vlk ’85Jerry Thomas ’65
Dave Michalowicz ’84John Vomastic ’65
Jeff Heier ’83Ed Bales ’60
Tom Flessor ’74Karl Siebers ’60
Jack Hall ’60Dave Gibbs ’59
Ray Malecek ’60Dick Wadsworth ’59
Mick Roberts ’60Dick Ward ’59
Dick Hartnagel ’60Ken Folgers ’58
Richard Horvath ’57
James Neighbor ’44