Brothers’ Campus Involvement

The Brothers of Delta Tau Delta Gamma Beta take campus involvement to heart. In almost every aspect of the university, you will find at least one of our Brothers. From the upper echelons of the University’s administration to helping craft and create the products of tomorrow to planning events for the entire student body, the men of Gamma Beta are an integral part of Illinois Tech’s community. 

To start, Brothers Isaiah Mays, Shahaan Mirza, and Elias DeHart are serving as an important link between the student body and University administration. All three brothers serve on PSAC, or the President Student Advisory Council. This council, of which Brother Mays serves as the Student Government Representative, Brother DeHart serves as a Representative-at-Large, and Brother Mirza serves as the co-chairman, is where the President, Provost, Dean of Students, and other relevant administrators of the University learn of the issues students are facing and make plans to fix them.

Brother Zechariah Low aids Illinois Tech students develop their ideas into reality by working in the Idea Shop, a sort-of maker space on campus where students can build anything they dream of. Brother Low serves as an advisor in the space, meaning he helps others iron out the details of their project, teaches them how to use the machinery, like the laser cutter, safely, and overall manages the Shop. Because of Brother Low’s effort, some students have been able to present their projects to large-scale companies and even patent some of their creations.

One last example to share is all about squirrels. Brother Bishop is the co-founder of Illinois Tech’s Squirrel Club, an organization dedicated to squirrel watching and squirrel-related events. In its only year-long existence, it has quickly become one of the most popular organizations on campus. From squirrel watching events, to movie nights, to scavenger hunts, to exploring the city, Squirrel Club, under the direction of Brother Bishop and his friends, has given the entire Illinois Tech community a new appreciation for all things squirrels.

As one can see, the Brothers of Gamma Beta are involved in numerous aspects of Illinois Tech. Other Brothers engage in research, entrepreneurship, tutoring, and other activities that benefit campus. Involvement is an important part of Gamma Beta’s reputation and expectation for Brothers, and the men of our chapter take pride in that.